Wednesday 23 December 2015

Beginner Skiers Self Learning

Alan showing Rachel a snowplow in lesson 2
 If you are the type of person who likes to learn on your own and if you would like to learn how to ski, then this is a good place to start.  You can download the FREE manual on this site which is designed for this purpose.  It can't include everything; that would be a very large manual. It does have the important information and the tools needed to ski. 
In my manual I have added things you won't normally find in a beginner manual.  For example, in Lesson 1, I stress feeling with your feet.  This concept has been around for a few years but never introduced to a beginner.   It is basic to the balance skill and to making skis turn easily. Another example is in Lesson 3, where the goal is to stop, using one ski. 

One thing missing in the manual is me helping you to perform the necessary moves.  In the above picture, Rachel is about to start lesson 2, snowplowing to stop and, moving slowly, then faster, then slower etc..  Before she starts, I will tell her to bend forward at the waist and hold her hand out front similar to mine.  
Beginners must experiment.  In the above photo you will notice we both are not moving because we have spread our feet in a "V" , or snowplow position.  Besides the shape of the "V", notice that the skis are tilted in so that the edges of the skis grip the snow. This also prevents movement. A beginner must experiment to find how wide the feet must be spread to not move.  
For this lesson, in your V position, it is best to start with your feet wide and try pushing with your poles to make sure you won't go.  Then, gradually bring your feet together to the point where you start moving down the hill.  
You will notice also that Rachel is standing with her back fairly straight.  A better position is bent forward  at the waist for stability and balance.  As an instructor , I will mention this latter point to my student many times during the course of the day.  How far forward. Remember lesson 1.  As a beginner you must examine and experiment with each instruction and move, to find your limits.  
When teaching yourself, treat yourself as if your were teaching someone else. Be kind and not too rigid.  A lot of encouragement will help.
The lessons in the manual are in a particular order for the sake of safety and for learning the necessary basic skills for skiing.  Lessons 2, 3, and 4, each include a way to stop and four of the basic skills. Lessons 5 is about the skill of blending all the basic skills .  Lesson 6 is for fun.

My apologies for not blogging sooner.  It has been a busy fall.

Got a problem?  Leave a comment.  I need the feedback so that I can make things clearer.

p.s.  Rachel is a budding actor. Thanks Rachel AR

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