Wednesday 7 December 2016

Beginner Skiers Second Lesson Notes and Tips

SFS    FAST Slow Slow to Stop
Beginner skiers must learn to control speed, to stop and to turn.  This requires you to make your skis slide sideways to the direction that you are going.  You sort of scrape the snow with the edges of your skis. The harder you scrape by increasing the angle the slower you go.  If you scrape hard enough, you will stop. This is shown in the sketch to the left, Fast Slow and Slow to Stop.  Your first 2 lessons using my method are all about this scraping process.
The next picture shows me in the stop position.  Legs apart and almost straight, tip of skis close but not touching. Ski back ends spread wide. Me bent forward at the waist and arms wide.  Poles dragging.  A beginners stance for maximum scraping effect.

Beginners Stance

The last pictures show the effect or pattern in fresh snow of going fast and slow.  Where the pattern is narrow I was picking up speed, less scraping effect; and slowing down where the pattern is wide, more scraping effect.  You can see this in motion by clicking on the Free ski lessons video 

Slow Fast Slow 
Tip:  The first few lessons are performed in slower motion, about walking speed.  The closer you can come to a stop without stopping will give you a measure of your skill development. The theory is that it is best  to learn first how to do a particular move and the necessary skills slowly and well, before you apply any speed.

Notes:  For a beginner to stop on a beginner hill the legs must be pushed as far apart as possible.  If you can't stop then using this method, then the hill is too steep for a beginner or you may be bowlegged like me. In order to get the maximum ability to stop it is necessary to have at least one ski at 90 degrees to the direction you are travelling, lesson 3. 

Eventually when you have finished the six lessons and can ski parallel with some confidence then try stopping with both feet side by side, a so called hockey stop. Stopping with two feet is by far the best way to stop and takes the least amount of effort and energy