Sunday 4 September 2022

You Be The Judge

A rolled up heating pad applied
to nose and sinuses

To be clear, the treatment I show on my website is my treatment for colds in general. Over the last couple of years, I have optimized it to make it easier to apply. The latest photo shows how to add heat to the nose and sinuses by rolling a heating pad tightly. 

My treatment depends on using our normal body heat which commonly varies from 36 to 37 0C (96.8 – 98.6 0F). Older people such as myself tend to lower value and so may require some extra heat to make the treatment work. The treatment also depends on a fever created by the cold virus that heats the body's core temperature to 38 – 39 0C (100.4-102.2 0F) and relative humidity of greater than 95%, in the lungs.  Adding extra heat to the nose and sinuses makes the process faster.

My treatment also for a relatively short time requires blocking the nose and mouth breathing. It also depends on other parts of our immune system besides the fever response. I’m always testing my ideas to be sure they work and measure the results before sharing them.

The deficiency of this treatment is that it has no official standing.  I have mentioned this before and continue to find an official body that will conduct a simple trial.  One problem is that this is a very low-tech solution.  There are no pills to produce or serums to inject.  I don’t know how it can be monetized.  In its simplest form, all you have to do is pinch your nose closed for about 2 hours, as soon as detected, and abide by the caveats suggested. This can be a problem for some people. My rationale is that it is easier to suffer mild discomfort for a few hours than days of misery. Basically, by blocking the nose, the conditions of the lungs are extended to the nasal chambers and throat, virus elimination as opposed to incubation.

We have an amazing, built-in, immune system. It has two parts, the adaptive and the innate.  The adaptive takes care of new intrusions first by determining what the problems are, and developing and making responding devices. It can be preprogrammed for a faster response and sometimes requires a few days for a full response. This is the part where pills and vaccines are made to target a specific virus. The rhinovirus has about 200 variants and about 12 vaccines.  The coronavirus seems to be following a similar course of action and reaction by the medical industry suppliers.

The innate immune part is in place and responds in several ways. For colds that are transmitted by mini aerosol clouds, that are breathed in, the upper respiratory tract, (URT), takes charge.  This includes the nose, throat, and mouth and their various functions. One function of the upper respiratory tract is to warm up and humidify the incoming air and collect some moisture and some of the heat in the air leaving.   The nose and throat are coated with cells designed to catch and dispose of wayward pathogens with the help of handy T cells. Saliva and mucus cover these cells and flush away the debris to the stomach.

These two organs, the stomach, and the lungs are critical to the process.  The stomach creates a toxic environment few pathogens can survive. Similarly, the lungs can produce heat and relative humidity that human cold viruses can’t survive. The data is supported in references I have included on December 7, 2021.

It works for me and I hope it works for you. You be the judge.