Tuesday, 20 July 2021

About a Treatment for the Common Cold, Including COVID-19


COVID-19 has for more than a year highjacked my mind and website. My initial goal was to help keep my local ski mountain open for the next season. The ski season opened but not because of my efforts. 

Over the last few years, I had found that by applying sufficient heat to my sinuses and nasal cavities the colds would go away. But after reading and learning about where colds develop in our upper respiratory tract I began to understand some of the medical language, terms, and processes. I had a mission to determine why I got positive results for this simple application of heat. Why did my simple treatment work? 

The pink and red are the areas of interest
I found that there has been extensive study of the rhinoviruses but most of it concerned the mechanism on how cold viruses were able to multiply and the conditions necessary and how to block the process.  There is little information on how to destroy the viruses directly once the replication has begun. I knew from previous experience that viruses have upper-temperature limits and eventually found that for cold viruses humidity also plays an important part.

The general information is that our chances of survival after being infected are quite high but very good for younger people and less as a person ages. High infection and old age are a bad combination. Why is this? Speculating it could be a combination of the amount of physical activity, metabolic rate, and a lower core temperature as we age. It may also depend on the virus variant and its upper-temperature sensitivity when the viruses fail.

When I discovered that the upper sensitivity of the coronavirus was possibly as low as 37.5 0C On my own I discovered that by blocking my nose and breathing through my mouth, can raise the nasal cavity and nasopharynx (top of throat tube) to my body core temperature, I knew that it was possible to make my treatment workable for most people. By concentrating the added heat application at the center of the pink zone, (figure top right above) the transmitted heat is sufficient to meet the criteria of 38-39 0C and >95% relative humidity. But if the core temperature is in the above criteria range because of a fever or higher metabolic rate, adding extra heat may not be necessary.

So you don’t have to look at all the previous posts I made a PDF download of  How to Cure Common Cold(6)  Or in the separate list to the right. The first portion before I added the previous posts is all you need to get started. The following previous posts have the information on how and where to apply extra heat. I liked the post immediately following this one, on "Tinkering with Colds", which is included at the end of this summary. 

Does this this treatment work?  I don’t know the efficacy of this treatment. All I know is that it works for me and my friends, and over 11,000 views from countries around the world. No person or organization has commented, just me, as a test. So if you wish to comment, send me a note at:   alanrskitalk@gmail.com 

Good luck and good health to you. 

AlanR, the engineer

Tuesday, 16 March 2021


Tinkering with Colds (more coronaviruses stuff, Revision 1)

The infrared gun gives both the target
 and background temperature values.

If you look closely at how the components of our immune system work, the coronavirus, and other cold viruses, could be dispatched readily if you chose not to tinker with them.  We know more about viruses and their morphology than we did 60 years ago.  Our body has a very sophisticated system for dealing with pathogens and is worth looking at its advantages and shortcomings.

When you get a cold, a fever is one of the first reactions of the immune system. This raises our mean temperature to a level equal to the sensitivity temperature of most cold viruses. This is good because most cold viruses reproduce between 32-33 0C and relative humidity 45%, slow reproduction significantly at normal core temperature, and meet their demise at > (38-39) 0C and RH>95%. The higher fever temperature will prevent the virus from doing damage to the lungs. Taking fever suppressants such as acetaminophen, aspirin, and ibuprofen will prolong the cold and may increase the probability of serious damage. Another point about fever is that it may suggest that you feel chilled.  It is best to add more covering, as fever is a high-energy user, and this will help you to reach the higher needed temperature.

The immune system also increases the production of mucus. This helps to wash away some of the reproduced viruses and debris caught or created. Mucus can also plug your nose valves at the outer end of the nose. When this happens, the temperature will rise in the Upper Respiratory Tract (URT) to your core temperature. Also, the RH will be similar to the lungs, >95%.  This condition will cause the end of the viruses and probably the way people survived in the past. Breathing through the mouth can be uncomfortable but if you are engaged in any physical activity, that breathing through the nose is insufficient, breathing through the mouth is automatic. We tinker by clearing the nose too soon.

The immune system gets busy creating antibodies for the future and present. There is a race between the viruses and the antibodies and many factors cause the outcome. This is the portion of the immune system that pharmaceutical companies tinker with. Vaccines created are often immune system enhancers. They precondition the immune system by helping it create antibodies for specific viruses.

It is critical to treat a cold immediately on infection, to avoid damage to your major sensor systems, smell, sight, and hearing. Viruses can play havoc with the various tube openings in the URT, and mucus can plug these important channels, a shortcoming.  Any disturbance has a very short distance to the brain which may cause something unpredictable.

So, I propose to tinker positively. People that have tested positive (long haulers?) and have no fever, maybe reservoirs, and may have a high metabolic rate. It is still necessary to assume infection.  Adding heat as suggested or by a workout, or some way to increase the core temperature (38-39) 0C, then block the nose for an hour or so. 

If your old and have a core temperature of about 36.3 0C like me, do one of the treatments adding heat with a heating pad or hand warmer as suggested in my previous post. A couple of repeats may be necessary or two short ones a day apart if you prefer. Add extra covering, hats, coats, sweaters, layers, etc.

Some other alternatives are hot tubs if you are accustomed to them. Or a sauna will work provided the temperature and humidity reach the demise criteria above.

How will you know if the treatment works? I did my treatment at night before going to bed and the colds were usually gone by morning. The residue if I waited too long to apply a treatment, took a few days to clear up. You should feel better almost when you finish.

What I would love to happen is a proper test in vivo, for efficacy, and parameter variations. If you are reading this you will note at the bottom there is a place to comment. There is only one comment, mine to see if it works. So I’m cruising blind and hoping I am helping and not causing any harm.  Please comment!

I’m in the process of writing a summary and putting all the posts about colds and COVID-19 as a download under my ski manual and video.  As an engineer, I apply science and don’t necessarily create it. Like pharmaceuticals, the treatments I suggest are also enhancements to our immune system  but applied after infection, not for prevention.

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