Wednesday 19 October 2022

What Happens When the Viruses are Vanquished

A Test Cold

It requires only a slight pressure on the nose 
valves to block the nasal cavity air flow  

A week ago I had a slight fever, some chills, a runny nose, and a slight cough. My first cold in 5 five years. I've been vaccinated 4 times for COVID-19 and a fifth one coming soon.  I noticed that a flu shot is included.

So first I gargled with hot green tea, made a new nose clip, installed it then watched 1.5 episodes of Cracker with a break in the middle for ice cream. When I woke up in the morning my throat was still sore so my simple solution was to apply my heating pad to my throat and sinuses. I expected instant gratification and was     
Heating pad to clear sinuses and 
treat the throat

  puzzled.  So I repeated the process, just using the nose clip, the   next night.  
In the morning my expectations were met.    This  was the start of a great clearing that lasted for   a couple of more days. I was sure that the process     was  working and the virus had been killed off but the   reaction time was longer than I expected. My immune   system has a bit of a delay in realizing the danger was   gone. On second thought, it seems reasonable. 

  Cold viruses cause a lot of surface damage. On the surface, cells are killed off when no longer useful.  When the viruses replicate on mass, it is like scratching the back of your hand with sandpaper, a lot more each day. This has to be repaired and the first step is to remove the debris.

The back of my throat was already compromised by some preceding embedded virus so applying my heating pad to my throat and gargled it with hot green tea.  This took a few more days, first to apply the heat and then clear the debris.

There are 3 important takeaways. One is that cold viruses are vulnerable just above normal core temperature and high humidity, the blood supply to the head is very high compared to other parts of the body and the repair system for cell damage to the cilia is very fast. One of the caveats is to apply my treatment when the cold is noted.  The sooner the better.

The great comfort to me is that I know my cold fixing system works for me and that I never have to worry about getting a “cold” again.  I hope my treatment works for you and you can share my comfort. 

Some may wonder how a mechanical engineer has the temerity to provide a medical solution. My degree is in applied science.  I applied the science developed by the people that I reference several posts back.  I found a good way to use their amazing work and I thank them.

Sunday 4 September 2022

You Be The Judge

A rolled up heating pad applied
to nose and sinuses

To be clear, the treatment I show on my website is my treatment for colds in general. Over the last couple of years, I have optimized it to make it easier to apply. The latest photo shows how to add heat to the nose and sinuses by rolling a heating pad tightly. 

My treatment depends on using our normal body heat which commonly varies from 36 to 37 0C (96.8 – 98.6 0F). Older people such as myself tend to lower value and so may require some extra heat to make the treatment work. The treatment also depends on a fever created by the cold virus that heats the body's core temperature to 38 – 39 0C (100.4-102.2 0F) and relative humidity of greater than 95%, in the lungs.  Adding extra heat to the nose and sinuses makes the process faster.

My treatment also for a relatively short time requires blocking the nose and mouth breathing. It also depends on other parts of our immune system besides the fever response. I’m always testing my ideas to be sure they work and measure the results before sharing them.

The deficiency of this treatment is that it has no official standing.  I have mentioned this before and continue to find an official body that will conduct a simple trial.  One problem is that this is a very low-tech solution.  There are no pills to produce or serums to inject.  I don’t know how it can be monetized.  In its simplest form, all you have to do is pinch your nose closed for about 2 hours, as soon as detected, and abide by the caveats suggested. This can be a problem for some people. My rationale is that it is easier to suffer mild discomfort for a few hours than days of misery. Basically, by blocking the nose, the conditions of the lungs are extended to the nasal chambers and throat, virus elimination as opposed to incubation.

We have an amazing, built-in, immune system. It has two parts, the adaptive and the innate.  The adaptive takes care of new intrusions first by determining what the problems are, and developing and making responding devices. It can be preprogrammed for a faster response and sometimes requires a few days for a full response. This is the part where pills and vaccines are made to target a specific virus. The rhinovirus has about 200 variants and about 12 vaccines.  The coronavirus seems to be following a similar course of action and reaction by the medical industry suppliers.

The innate immune part is in place and responds in several ways. For colds that are transmitted by mini aerosol clouds, that are breathed in, the upper respiratory tract, (URT), takes charge.  This includes the nose, throat, and mouth and their various functions. One function of the upper respiratory tract is to warm up and humidify the incoming air and collect some moisture and some of the heat in the air leaving.   The nose and throat are coated with cells designed to catch and dispose of wayward pathogens with the help of handy T cells. Saliva and mucus cover these cells and flush away the debris to the stomach.

These two organs, the stomach, and the lungs are critical to the process.  The stomach creates a toxic environment few pathogens can survive. Similarly, the lungs can produce heat and relative humidity that human cold viruses can’t survive. The data is supported in references I have included on December 7, 2021.

It works for me and I hope it works for you. You be the judge.


Monday 14 March 2022

How To Take Control Of Your Cold


How To Take Control Of Your Cold    (COVID-19 included)

Most nonmedical people have experienced the helplessness of how to diminish or get rid of a cold.  I have tried many cold remedies but most of them treat the symptoms rather than the problem.  They also have fever suppressants which tend to extend the cold’s life.  Hence, the treatment I developed and optimized over the last 2 years.  It has taken me several years to arrive at the simplified treatment “A Cold Quick Fix”, download at the side.  I no longer worry about contracting a cold because I know that I can treat it in a few hours.  This feeling of security is your for the taking.

Below are the key and basic issues.  
  • For a start, one consistent symptom of coronavirus is a sore throat.  If you have a cough, your cough reflex trigger is infected. Try gargling with warm to hot water, add green tea, or add fresh ginger.  You are probably 2-3 days since the infection stage.
  • As a reminder, my treatment for colds is to be applied within a few days after any symptoms are detected. It can be used for most colds and flu including the COVID-9 variants. The purpose is to minimize damage by stopping viruses in the nasal cavity and throat.  It is a generic treatment that enhances our built-in immune fever response. The treatment process time is 1.5-2.5 hours.  The treatment can be self-applied, no extra drugs are required, any extra equipment can be home-made and improvised. 
  •  Most human cold viruses replicate in the nasal cavity and pharynx (throat), the upper airways. The viruses enter as an aerosol and stick to the surfaces.  Their ideal environment for replication is with the temperature in the range of 30-33 0C for colds, higher to 36 0C for flu, and relative humidity 40-60%, created in the above cavity and throat when the air temperature is about 24 0C.
  •  A virus particle replicates exponentially, doubling every hours. One particle can produce 29 copies in about 6 hours times a million or more. The numbers are staggering. Their size is minuscule, about 3 million on could be squeezed on the head of a pin. It is not clear the actual surface density but it can be very high in a day or so.
  •  These viruses have upper temperature and humidity limits where replication is stopped.  Their limits where they cease to exist are in the temperature range of 37.5-39 0C and relative humidity greater than 95%.
  •  If your cold is well developed and if your temperature is 40 0C or more then it is time to get some professional advice.  You may be in trouble.
  •  It is my understanding that cold viruses can’t tolerate the environmental conditions in the lungs and stomach. This makes sense as when we breathe shedding viruses go both in and out. If the viruses could tolerate the lung environment we would all be dead in days.  It is likely the remnants of the damage caused by the flu-type viruses cause lung problems.
  • When part of your immune system senses the virus invasion it will crank up the body temperature setting a few degrees and the heating mechanism kicks in. If the temperature gets too high the cooling mechanism is turned on, blood goes to the skin surface and perspiration is turned on. A worst-case scenario is an overheat condition, a cytokine storm may happen, bad news, massive cooling needed.
  • By blocking the nose and mouth breathing, our upper airways will increase in temperature in the upper airways to our core body temperature and relative humidity of >95% in less than 15 minutes.  With a cold fever, our core temperature will rise to a range of 37.5-39 0C.  Some people such as older people may not be able to develop the highest temperature and added heat may be needed.  This is my primary contribution to curing colds.
  • We are heat engines and in general, require cooling.  If we insulate our bodies with added clothing our core temperature can be raised temporarily, for a few required hours for the treatment to happen. 
  • The quickest solution is to go to bed, pile on a few blankets or fully submerge in a hot bath, block your nose with tape or bandages, try breathing through your mouth first then block one nostril and finally the other.  Endure for 1.5 – 2.5 hours and it is over.  There are alternative ways to increase body heat such as saunas, steam generators, and hot tubs. The key issue is to ensure the nasal and throat passages meet the upper heat requirement.  

·         A few of my references are at the end of my previous post.

For me it is a 2 hour job with some flexibility to avoid weeks of misery. Your choice.