Monday 9 January 2023

Three Stories

Me, Mouth Breathing and Heating

Several nose clips 14 and 16 gauge 4" of wire    

 There is nothing like first-hand experience. On December 23, a Thursday,  I was infected with one of the COVID-19 variances and have no idea of which one.  The first symptom was a slight fever on Saturday.  Thinking it was a seasonal cold I applied my treatment that night which seemed to clear it up.

The next morning I felt tired and still had a slight fever.  That afternoon I managed to infect both my wife and sister at Xmas  Sunday dinner.  Their symptoms showed up 2 days later. Monday I used the antigen test kit that confirmed that it was COVID-19.

Neither my wife nor sister was keen on breathing through their mouths and blocking their noses.  Both had sore throats so I suggested first gargling with a hot drink and then a hot bath for an hour.  They also applied heat to their sinuses per instruction using a washcloth.  The next day they both felt better but the following day they both felt miserable. Again I talked them into having another hot bath and they were fine the next day. 

My symptoms were a slight fever, excessive mucus, and a sore throat. First I gargled with green tea.  Then, I applied the heat to both my throat and shoulders, blocked my nose (shown in a prior post) on Monday night, and watched a couple of movies. A few weeks before this incident, I discovered that I could raise my core temperature to 38-39 C by heating my shoulders and back with just a heating pad.

To cover all bases, I also had a hot bath for an hour.  I still had some phlegm from the bottom of my throat and so applied the treatment again the next day twice, once in the afternoon and again in the evening.  Phlegm can be either swallowed or coughed out.  The excessive phlegm stopped and this was the end of the last symptom. The only symptom that bothered me was being very tired on Xmas day.

What I found is that the virus was more persistent than I anticipated.  My treatment was so easy to apply, that I was able to get rid of all symptoms over 4 days. I knew it worked but not how well. Several applications of my treatment a day or so apart may be necessary, or one longer one of 4 hours.  This was the one parameter, the number of applications, that I could not determine. Laboratory tests indicated about 4 hours and my original bath treatment was a really hot bath for ½ an hour.  Also, keeping warm is critical for success.

My guess is, that my early symptom of feeling tired is caused by my body going into combat mode, creating antibodies.

For what it is worth we have all been vaccinated and are octogenarians. The duration time for the 3 of us was about 5 days, from start to finish, with 1 to 2 days of being uncomfortable.  My treatment below in the last few posts is not the magic bullet but it is close.  AR