Saturday 16 May 2015

Last Post Until October 2015

Road Trip Vehicle and Passenger 
The snow left Mt Washington BC around the middle of February but I had 3  great days at Big White in March.  So I am running out of steam and other interests are taking over.
In my blog I have highlighted parts of my manual with backup information that didn't make the cut but which I feel is necessary for developing a skier's basic skills.  I will continue in this vein in the fall, as there are still some more issues and skills to discuss. 

I would like to leave you with a few thoughts.  One is to consider how you critique your own performance?
My solution is to  go back to the first lessons and check how well I perform the various exercises and moves.  Any that are not performed well need some work.  Pivoting or counter rotation is not usually taught as important to beginners but I believe it is.  Getting use to having your skis cross under you  by steering is one of the most important moves as it is the start of every turn. If you counter rotate well, your skiing will be easier and more enjoyable .  
Next you may try several ways of performing the dynamic transition, the start of the turn, Phase 1.  There are 3 ways with one having 3 variations.  I played with these for a season to see which worked the best for me.  My lessons are mostly a build up to this point because the dynamic transition was pivotal to my skiing.  I have never skied better since working through this exercise.
So here is the list for different ways to make your skis cross quickly from one side of your body to the other for all different types of turn.  Assume starting a turn to the right. Your legs must go from your right side to the left.

  1. Turn your hip quickly counter clockwise. 
  2. Knock your right knee quickly against your left.
  3. Steer your right ski quickly up hill to the left: 
    • Using pressure on your toe 
    • Pressure on your instep 
    • Pressure on your heel
 These alternatives all work.  Which is the best for you?
My thoughts are now on other things, Arthritis remedial method, Planing Cat design, Fly Wheels, Best car performance criteria, Product design process, Road trip to Ontario, etc.
Have a good summer.

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