Saturday 5 November 2016

Good News, Video and Trip

East Glacier Park, Montana, 2 days from home.
      In my last post in the spring, I promised a video of my lessons.  Andreas Ruttkiewicz, my collaborator in this venture, finished tuning the final cut and so it is now Public on YouTube.  I am really pleased with his work. For fun, he added my bloopers.  Here is the link Video: Learn to Ski, AlanR Method . The site is a work-in-progress and fine tuning will continue.  
My process for learning how to  ski is now complete. You can see and try each lesson.  You can reinforce each lesson by reading the manual for details. You can reinforce what you learn in the lessons by reading and understanding the third section of the manual. In this last section, you can find the answers to many of the Why questions.
There are some differences between the manual and the video which I will edit over the next year.  I like the part in the first lesson on mobility.  For going around in a circle, I show how to push out with your heel in order to turn your skis.  This is a fundamental move which includes 4 of the basic skills and is repeated often in different forms in the following lessons.  In lesson 3, you continue the first portion of alternate stopping but instead of stopping you just slow down to almost a stop and then continue with the next partial stop. I forgot to video this last portion of lesson 3. We will work on it.  
I know the current trend is to let the student try and explore and to learn by experience.  But I am old school in that I believe that skiing is potentially a dangerous sport and some basics should be learned before any attempt at open-field skiing.  I also believe in introducing the 5 most important skills in the very first session.  People stall out at the intermediate stage because some of the skills were not emphasized.  Pivoting is a good example.  
My trip home was wet for a couple of days. But Ontario to BC in 8 days, on a large scooter and camping along the way, is not bad ( 4400 km). The next day after the above picture was taken, it rained for 2 hours in the morning, going from Troy, Montana to Osoyoos, BC. The last day through the mountains of southern BC was spectacular. 

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