Thursday 27 August 2020

COVID-19 AlanR Treatment 03

COVID-19 AlanR Treatment 03

This is a different treatment that requires only a bandage.  When we breathe in, we create in our nasal and sinus chambers the ideal environment for the cold viruses to propagate. By stopping the airflow through these passages the temperature quickly rises to our core temperature. It is assumed that the humidity is close to saturation. This combination seems to kill off the viruses. There are several requirements needed for it to work. It will require some application time, about 1.5 hours a session, and may require 1-3 repeat the following days.

·First, If you have a fever oral temperature, that is good. If it has a reading of 39 0C that is best. This is required as it is assumed that the stopping of the COVID-19 is similar to other cold viruses such as the rhinoviruses which are dispatched at 38.7 degrees C and relative humidity of greater than 95%. A caveat is that the actual values are at present not published or known. So if you are tested positive it is still worth a try.

, Block off both sides of your nose for a minimum of 1.5 hours.  This seems like a long time. When I tried just holding my nose I gave up after 10 minutes and started looking for another way. I first tried masking tape then several types of bandages.  By wiping the oil off my nose the bandage pictured seals all around the padded portion. This worked like a charm.

·        Third, swallowing can be a problem, so if necessary, release one side temporarily. After a short time I became accustomed to breathing through my mouth and was soon reading or watching a movie.

·        Fourth, If this works for you, you will know the next day if your various passages are clear.  If only partially, repeat the process.  Or better still add some heat suggested in my 3 previous posts.

·        Fifth, the above process if it works at all for you, it is limited to your upper respiratory tract. As mentioned above, when you breathe in through your mouth, you are cooling your throat making it possible to still cultivate the virus. Breathing out again reheats and humidifies the throat. Rapping your throat with a scarf or an old Tee shirt will help to maintain the surface area at near core temperature and high humidity.  

      In summary, using heat to fend off respiratory infections has most likely evolved by natural selection over a long time.  I have noted one weakness in this process which enhances the propagation of the virus, by creating a surface area with ideal temperature and humidity. By blocking the airflow, the nasal and sinus chambers stagnate at core temperature and greater than 95% humidity creating the opposite environment, destroying the virus.  I suspect that we have survived by not clearing these areas plus our immune system has been improved over the same eons of time. 

      My suggested treatment is simply to enhance the existing systems with extra heat. The heat is transferred efficiently by conduction to the infected areas by water content, ligaments, and bone structure. So this is an engineered solution that if applied when an infestation has been determined, a cold can easily be removed.  It should be noted that this may not be a complete cure for colds but it will remove the most dominant reproduction location for viruses from the equation and give the internal immune system a much lighter load to carry. 

      The AlanR treatment 03.

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