Wednesday 19 October 2022

What Happens When the Viruses are Vanquished

A Test Cold

It requires only a slight pressure on the nose 
valves to block the nasal cavity air flow  

A week ago I had a slight fever, some chills, a runny nose, and a slight cough. My first cold in 5 five years. I've been vaccinated 4 times for COVID-19 and a fifth one coming soon.  I noticed that a flu shot is included.

So first I gargled with hot green tea, made a new nose clip, installed it then watched 1.5 episodes of Cracker with a break in the middle for ice cream. When I woke up in the morning my throat was still sore so my simple solution was to apply my heating pad to my throat and sinuses. I expected instant gratification and was     
Heating pad to clear sinuses and 
treat the throat

  puzzled.  So I repeated the process, just using the nose clip, the   next night.  
In the morning my expectations were met.    This  was the start of a great clearing that lasted for   a couple of more days. I was sure that the process     was  working and the virus had been killed off but the   reaction time was longer than I expected. My immune   system has a bit of a delay in realizing the danger was   gone. On second thought, it seems reasonable. 

  Cold viruses cause a lot of surface damage. On the surface, cells are killed off when no longer useful.  When the viruses replicate on mass, it is like scratching the back of your hand with sandpaper, a lot more each day. This has to be repaired and the first step is to remove the debris.

The back of my throat was already compromised by some preceding embedded virus so applying my heating pad to my throat and gargled it with hot green tea.  This took a few more days, first to apply the heat and then clear the debris.

There are 3 important takeaways. One is that cold viruses are vulnerable just above normal core temperature and high humidity, the blood supply to the head is very high compared to other parts of the body and the repair system for cell damage to the cilia is very fast. One of the caveats is to apply my treatment when the cold is noted.  The sooner the better.

The great comfort to me is that I know my cold fixing system works for me and that I never have to worry about getting a “cold” again.  I hope my treatment works for you and you can share my comfort. 

Some may wonder how a mechanical engineer has the temerity to provide a medical solution. My degree is in applied science.  I applied the science developed by the people that I reference several posts back.  I found a good way to use their amazing work and I thank them.

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