Tuesday 16 December 2014

Lessons for Beginner Alpine Skiers

This blog is about improving the way we teach beginner skiers.    I have taught beginners and intermediate skiers for the last 12 years including 2 years with the adaptive group using the accepted programs. During this time I have followed the technical advances of both boots and skis and the way student beginners learn.   Ski equipment has changed but ski lessons have not.  To this end I have created a manual AlanR Method, Learn to Ski Manual For Beginners, Returners, Refreshers, a mouthful.  It's Free for personal use but commercial  enterprises must obtain a licence.
It has always been accepted that if a beginner is able to stop and make a simple turn on his or her first day, this is sufficient.  I have found that most students are capable of much more.  It has also been accepted that beginners fall a lot and I have found that falling can be minimized.  I have also found that a lot of the information learned in a lesson is not retained and people get stalled with the only option of taking another lesson.
The manual has six lessons plus notes about the equipment needed.  It also has background information on beginner skills and how skis turn, for those that want to know why. If it snows soon and the mountain where I ski opens, then I will make videos to complement the manual. These will be posted both here if I can figure out how and on YouTube which I know how to do.
This is my first blog ever. So please have patience because I am on a very steep learning curve. I have just lost my first post to the ether and this is my best reconstruction.  I am creating this blog for several reasons. Besides improving the way that we teach skiing, I would like to test the the various methods of doing it on line.  These are the written form in the manual, audio, video, Q@A your feedback.   We are Beta testing for awhile.  Below is a link to the manual.

   AlanR Method, Learn to Ski For Beginners, Returners, Refreshers,

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