Sunday 28 December 2014

More Feel Your Feet

Feet pressure points
Feeling your feet part of lesson 1 can be done before you go to the ski hill.  The top picture, which I have taken from the ski manual ( all three pictures actually),  shows the pressure points used to control your skis.  The amount of pressure and the location can change as required.  Small circles are low pressure and large circles are high.  


In the second picture, you can test these points by standing with your feet a few inches or centimeters apart.  Bend slightly forward staying in the neutral position then  rock forward  and back to feel the change in pressure.  

 Gradually widen your feet and feel the increase on the pressure points, rocking back and forth.  

 Keep bent slightly forward. 

Next, with your feet wide, you can move your weight side to side.   

Shift your weight forward and side to side.  Note your body position.

Shift your weight backward and side to side. Again, note your body position.

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