Sunday 11 January 2015

My Ski Manual

The purpose of my beginner ski manual is to introduce you to skiing.  It guides you through the maze of equipment and then brings you to the hill.  The set of lessons then guide you through a bewildering environment and in the end sets you free to explore the fringes.  If you are interested in why the lessons work, you can read up on the background information on skiing skills and why skis turn.  
Ski lessons are long over-due for an overhaul.   New concepts and some revamped ones are included.  The lessons are designed  to take into account how skis turn,  the skills used to make skis turn and beginner issues.  
In using this manual, I have suggested that beginners can work alone or with other beginners.  Another option is an intermediate skier helping a beginner skier.  This is often a combination that is seen on a ski hill.  The limitation is that the intermediate skier doesn't usually have the tools to teach and help the beginner.  This manual offers a solution to this dilemma.   The intermediate skier could first review the methods outlined, then demo the lessons for the beginner.  If the method is followed to the letter, this can be a win-win situation. The intermediate will immediately note what is new and incorporate it  into his or her skiing.  The beginner will get a lesson that has the highest chance for success. Give it a try.  AlanR Method Learn to Ski Manual for Beginner, Returners, Refreshers,

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