Saturday 3 January 2015

About Skis and Turning

May your New Year be charmed!
In the picture you can see where the ski curves from the flat parts. The center is at the little bump in the middle of the boot arch.  The flat portions of the ski are about equal from the center of the ski.  One of the features of the newer skis is this short flat section that makes skis easier to turn.  The curved  wider ends make skis easy to steer.
When you put pressure on the front inside edge, as indicated on my last post, the ski is unbalanced and tends to rotate/turn around a point where the curve starts.
As a beginner, with your feet wide, you will feel the pressure on your big toe pad.  It is your job to tip your knee in or out, and to apply pressure in order to control the amount of turning.  This comes with practice in lessons 4 and  5 of the manual (available as a download below).
Remember to keep the pressure on the front of the boot cuff to a minimum.  And shift your weight to the heel to finish the turn. And smile when you get it right.

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